Why it is imperative for you to filter your water

When I began researching the quality of the water I was drinking, I was appalled, then took action. I installed an under-sink reverse osmosis system, and was shocked at the color of the cotton-white filters – they had turned an ugly brown. This was after the city had treated my water. This confirmed my belief that our health is at serious risk from the water we drink. I learned it is up to us to take action, and not depend upon anyone else to ensure the water we drink is safe.

Pollutants make it into our water from landfills, septic systems, disposal of hazardous household products, and leaking underground chemical storage tanks. Also such chemicals as perchlorate from rocket and jet fuel, chlorine byproducts, arsenic, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, firefighting foam, teflon…whew!

The brown filters were only the water pollution I could “see” – I learned there are more nefarious pollutants in our water that I couldn’t see: parasites, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. In fact a study came out that people who drank well water are at higher risk of an autoimmune illness. Why? Toxins in the well. What is disturbing is that many of these substances cause cancer, thyroid problems, and infertility among other things. When looking for the skyrocketing cancer rates, you may not need to look further than your water.

For years I went uninformed, but ignorance isn’t bliss: it’s deadly.

Many people have found out – too late – that they should have heeded the warning to filter their water.