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Product Review – Crystal Quest Luxury Shower Power Water Filter

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crystal quest chrome shower head water filter for sale onlineI have been searching for the right product to help me get cleaner water into my home, specifically into the bathroom and shower area. I had been researching different options and I eventually came across this product here by Crystal Quest It’s a 2 stage shower filter that removes chlorine and other toxic chemical byproducts from your water, thus preventing them from being absorbed in through the skin while you are bathing or showering. A lot of you may or may not know that the skin is the biggest organ, and absorbing chlorine and other chemicals directly through the skin can enter the bloodstream and contaminate your entire body, killing off healthy bacteria that are essential to overall health and well-being.

Eliminates Dry Skin

One of the best things about using a shower water filter is the elimination of dry skin and hair, and this is something that all females will notice immediately, and will most likely tell their friends about, recommending their products to them without a second thought about it. We have noticed that the more people filter their shower water, the happier and healthier they are in the long run, and they end up leading much more adventurous and satisfying lives. It has been proven that chlorine and other harmful chemicals in city water can be detrimental to your gut and intestinal flora, so it’s extremely important that you filter your shower water, because it can dramatically impact your overall health and immune system defense mechanisms. The key to good health is to populate your gut with beneficial bacteria while systematically eliminating the bad over-growths such as candida albicans and other types of unwanted biological organisms. Scientific data and research suggests that using a 2 stage filter on your shower can greatly reduce the amount of overall toxins and heavy metal exposure that you are getting from your bath water. This is vital to overall health, and I really hope that you will take these factors into account when you are looking to finally make your purchase from Crystal Quest, which is the manufacturer that I suggest using because their products are made right here in the USA and they have an iron clad return policy.

Comparison With Other Brands

We have tried using several other brands and manufacturers, but none of the others could compare with the heavy duty design and top quality filtration specifications of the Crystal Quest model. This company has been around the industry for quite some time now, so it’s critical that you take some time out to recognize where they’ve been and what their goals are for the future. To see more check out this video of the Crystal Quest Shower Filter on YouTube, and you will get a better understanding of it’s amazing features and the reasonable price point that it has been placed at. Some of the other, more expensive shower filters on the marketplace don’t even work as good as this one, so it’s actually very convenient that you stumbled upon this article, because now you know the facts and will be empowered to make a wise consumer purchasing decision. So once you are healthier, and are enjoying your new vibrant look, please make sure to come back and thank us for recommending this amazing product. Also, we would hope that you would pass along this message and tell other people about this product so that they can get the same benefits. Please share this blog post on Facebook and other social media platforms to help spread the word that you must filter your water correctly and in a safe yet effective manner in order to get the results desired.

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Why It Is Imperative To Filter Your Water

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When I began researching the quality of the water I was drinking, I was appalled, then took action. I installed an under-sink reverse osmosis system, and was shocked at the color of the cotton-white filters – they had turned an ugly brown. This was after the city had treated my water. This confirmed my belief that our health is at serious risk from the water we drink. I learned it is up to us to take action, and not depend upon anyone else to ensure the water we drink is safe.

Pollutants make it into our water from landfills, septic systems, disposal of hazardous household products, and leaking underground chemical storage tanks. Also such chemicals as perchlorate from rocket and jet fuel, chlorine byproducts, arsenic, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, firefighting foam, teflon…whew!

The brown filters were only the water pollution I could “see” – I learned there are more nefarious pollutants in our water that I couldn’t see: parasites, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals. In fact a study came out that people who drank well water are at higher risk of an autoimmune illness. Why? Toxins in the well. What is disturbing is that many of these substances cause cancer, thyroid problems, and infertility among other things. When looking for the skyrocketing cancer rates, you may not need to look further than your water.

For years I went uninformed, but ignorance isn’t bliss: it’s deadly.

Many people have found out – too late – that they should have heeded the warning to filter their water.